Thursday, 8 December 2005

little runs

Club night, in London but arrived back in plenty of time. While I knew it was the AGM I sort of didn't twig we would be running early to be back to shower and meet.

So when I got there there almost everyone had gone.

Fortunately one of the V60s was around and he went out with me - looping the loop while I went round the block and then off for a longer run on his own - thanks N. So that was just 1.7 miles done.

Then the AGM - a friendly affair that lots of people came to - and a chance to learn a few more names.

Up to get the teenbeanzes off to school and out for a plod to make up some of the miles from last night but an achey back meant I did nto go as far as planned. 2.3 miles done and then home to stretch. A shame, becuase it was a lovely morning as the Sun came up.

Back still aches, so will not be running tomorrow - must get back to core exercises again.

Hope to do a 7 miler at the weekend, all being well.


Leon said...

Miles are Miles Beanz...

and you have done more than me this week!!


Evil Pixie said...

Looking forward to our runs - I just hope hubby doesn't work on those days! I will tell him he can't do them!! hehe!
See you later!