Sunday, 18 December 2005

the weekend

Friday evening
East Midlands Social - this all began to fall apart about a month ago when we realised we needed two - so part 1 was last week
June and Coz

Pixie and Steady

beanz and Pixie

Part 2 fell apart earlier in the week when fotoman cried off wit the lurgy - so that was Suzy Q out too - looking after fotoman
then Muzzy had a bad back and could not make it either
and finally Little Miss Happy - usually the life and soul of the soical was laid low and had to send mark and Robin without her

however Jars and Mr Jars made it - and Mrbeanz made one of his rare visits into forumland

Robin, mark*w, MrJars, MrBeanz, Jars

(teenbeanzes had to settle for Dominos Pizzzas, though running teenbeanz did point out as a forum runner he shoudl have been there)

and we had a good time :>)

supposed to be long run day, so up for breakfast at 8ish then dressed and off to the shops before getting changed for my run

But where to run 8 miles on my own and not on the horrid cambers of the A6?

I have to find another strategy for long slow plods - I just cannot get out the door on my own - too much to contemplate as I cannot find a local long safe route, without loops and thinking about carrying drinks etc - it all defeats me at the moment

So I chickened out again and settled for a 4 miler in the park - could have done that twice or the bottom two mile loop three times, but just could not face it - I knew I would not do the repeat loops

So the run down the hill in to the park and along the river, then back up the hill - steeper back up to start with and then a gradual climb home.

Mile Pace AHR
1 12:49 132 lots of downhill in this bit
2 13:14 139 down along the river here
3 15:00 141 back up the hill - some steep walking bits here
4 14:03 141 mostly a gradual climb
0.14 15:04 145 last climb home
4.14 13:49 139 under 14:00 pace - yee hah!

It WAS a lovely run and I did enjoy it but was cross with myself for droppping out of the 8 miler I promised myself.

But on Tuesday I am going to run 9 miles withPixie - so no chickening out of that one!


No running today - visitors for lunch, so up early for food prep not a run.

And then too stuffed to run later.

But 60 mince pies made (and some eaten) and the tree decorated at last.

well everyone's putting their trees in their blogs, so here's ours -not real I'm afraid

and here are our Christmas people amid the sheep and other animals


Red Haired Girl said...

Sounds like a good evening (or a couple of them at least) just concentrate on enjoying Christmas now and then, with Spring on the way, the training can continue in the new year. Enjoy your break.

Red Haired Girl said...

Found my login again!! hurray!

Mrs V said...

Id put my tree in my blog but I still dont have a camera :o(