Tuesday, 13 December 2005


woke up yesterday to find soggy carpets and a leaky pipe

that meant moving lots of stuff so we could see how much damage has been done - bubbling wallpaper, soggy wool carpet

I did manage to do some core and glutes exercise and stretching - left leg still sore, so no run planned - in fact it was as Hal says - strength and stretch!

found difficulty in getting to sleep - finding a comfortable position with sore leg was difficult - eventually had ibuprofen and paracetomol, which seemed to sort it

not so stiff this morning

but lack of sleep, TOTM and niggly teenbeanzes meant a horrid start to the day

and I could not go out cos I had to wait for the plumber

and now he has been it is a bit late to go the gym as I have to go for a train to London soon - leg still too sore to run, but had hoped to get on the X-trainer and do some upper body stuff

ah well, maybe too tired anyway

will see phyzz if leg not better soon

plan for next few days

so training plan for the next week

Tuesday core strength, glutes and stretch
Wednesday working in London - not exactly rest but just some stretching
Thursday 4.5 miles with TP - are whatever she can manage
Friday gym
Saturday 8 miles
Sunday 4.5 miles by river
Monday rest day
Tuesday 9 miles with Pix - off road

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HappyasLarry said...

Training plan for this week looks good Beanz. :0)