Wednesday, 28 December 2005

snow and ice = treadmill

so very cold today, definitely the wrong conditions for a pavement run and did not feel like icy feet from running in the park

off to the gym this afternoon for the treadmill -

10 minutes cross trainer to warm up

then 4 miles on the tready - first two as [pyramids up to 8.0 km/hr and down again in 10m steps

the second half run at 70-80% HR, adjusting incline and pace to keep HR in that zone

4 miles 54 minutes AHR 145


Leon said...

Good call Beanz...
I *nearly* went out this afternoon - but in the end was happy to be persuaded to rest!!!!!

C A D said...

Good one Beanzie. Well plodded !!

Sluggie said...

Good going Beanzie. The tready is much too technical for me I'm afraid.