Saturday, 10 December 2005

cross training for Christmas

not much exercise - waiting in for deliveries I did a little core stuff

but then the Christmas East Midlands Social - part 1 - we need two, cos not everyone could make either date

so there was Steady and June (Mrs Steady), coz, Pixie and me. It was quite strange, because Steady had met mrbeanz and teenbeanz at the Sinfin 10k in the Summer so they refer to me as MrsBeanz! A small but select group.

We had a good meal and natter and finshed early - not quite the riotous assembly of a London Social!


with scoutbeanz off for a winter camp in Sherwood Forest (but in huts not tents) we have teenbeanz to ourselves

he wanted a haircut so we decided to get into town early and have a go at the shopping before it got too busy

a tiring 1½ hours later we were on our way home with heavy bags and I ahd an aching back from hard pavements

so the plan to run 7 miles did not seem so clever now, but I could not do NOTHING, so after a coffee and a banana it was off to the gym, where I did a good hour of upper body stuff and stretched out my back

and as teenbeanz is off to the AC disco tonight we may have a rare evening at home together :>))

a better day

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