Tuesday, 27 December 2005

Christmas is over

That's it then, Christmas is over, the relations have gone home and I'm back on my computer - stayed off for nearly 3 whole days!!

Furnace Inn 5k Boxing Day Race
Did this for the first time last year, with my brother. Unfortunately this year he had a bad back so he just came to carry the bag. But mrbeanz and teenbeanz were fit to run, so we gathered at the start - and this year I knew lots more of the other runners, which was good.

The course starts at a pub, runs through a lovely park (which some of the local runners use for hill training) and along the river - mostly along part of my 4 mile off road route. (Last year it missed a bit out down a steep road in the village, owing to the icy conditions.)

So off we go, I started with my V60 club running partner and another 'slow' lady, but the initial hills caused me to drop back from them, a few walks there I am afraid.

After the first mile or so I am at the back, apart from a couple of fancy dress 'Little Britain' runners who have a weheel chair which one of them rides in on the down hill bits, btut they push empty u the hills and across the grass. As we come back with about a quarter of a mile togo they decide they cannot go any further and drop staright down to the finish instead of completing the last killer loop! I wonder if they are the same two chaps who wore santa suits last year and dipped out of the last loop?

So I am definitely last now, tracking a couple of ladies about 100 metres ahead. I keep going but cannot quite catch them before the finish.

As usual I hated the first fifteen minutes, hated the hills, but enjoyed finishing.

So the numbers:

Mile Pace AHR
1 13:02 152 uphill and on grass
2 11:47 147 downhill and level!
3 12:38 150 level and up
0.11 12:08 169 race for the finish!
3.11 12:28 150 38:51

So does this tell me anything for FLM?

Mainly that I must lose weight, and keep training of course!!

Oh, and teenbeanz beat mrbeanz - for the first time in a race!!

Disposed of all the relatives this morning, taking my Mum home and driving back through snow flurries, reminded me that there may be soem cold training runs ahead.

The plan is written and the rest of the week requires :
a couple of 4 milers and an 8 miler.
I must take the first opportunity of decent weather to do the 8 miler, as the 4 milers can always be done on the tready.


Leon said...

Waay Haay - Well done teenbeanz

Christmas is done - New Year almost upon us - and the Days are already getting longer
Have to say - Well raced, especially on that course
(would I have liked it..?)

HappyasLarry said...

Well done Beanz, sounds a killer of a course.

And well done to Teenbeanz too.

C A D said...

Well done Beanzie!!

I'm with you with the weight loss thing. It's creeping on again and making me miserable so it's got to go. I've got at least 2.5-3 stone to lose and yes, I know it doesn't look like it but BMI is saying it has and my aching back is saying it has to go.

b-z said...

dont talk to me about weight

cant train either

beanz said...

you'd have loved it Leon - but you'd have had to have gone round twice

come up and I'll send you round the hills with Tigerrunner - of the sub 2:45 thread!