Wednesday, 21 December 2005

"long" run done

no more procrastination I just had to do it

one of mrbeanz's routes to work takes himout along hte mian road i used to do my long runs along
so I decided the only way to do this was to get him to drop me 8 miles out and I would run back

So up at 6.30 for a banana and a drink

then dropped at 7.40 8 miles from home

and plodded back - taking energy drink and phone and emergency pound coin

now considering this route is along the Derwent Valley - following the river down, there always seem to be a lot of undulations, but at least runnign all one way, you don't end up thiking at every downwards stretch 'I'm going to have to go back up on the return'

anyway first couple of miles warming up, stiff calves needed a lto of stretching

then around about 4 miles my right foot feels strange - sort of numb/pins and needles/as though my sock is rucked up; pausew to take shoe oiff but no sign of trouble, now these are my older pair of shoes and not a perfect record of miles done in them (probably around 300), but maybe the cushioning is going considering how overweight I am

anyway, after a few pauses and concerns about this, about a mile later it seems ok again - strange though

next few miles tick away ok, and all of a sudden its the last mile and killer hill!

teenbeanz wanted to do a gentle recovery mile or so after his hard session last night, so I give him a call and suggest he plods to meet me, which he does - it is so good to run together

he does a bit of looping and I do some walking and we return home together

the numbers

Mile Pace AHR
1 14:23 140 stiff calves
2 13:51 137 more stretching
3 14:01 139 numb foot
4 13:37 138
5 13:54 140
6 14:04 139
7 14:20 138 uphill now
8 15:48 135 killer hill
0.09 15:50 120 walking!!
8.09 14:16 138 1:55:27

so now to plan next week's run!

club social evening tonight so maybe I'll ask my V70 running partner if he fancies a 9 miler at the end of next week


V70 doesn't want to do the long runs as he has races each weeekend!!

So its back to the solo runs until Pixie is back on form

but other news .... my first claim club has a spare place for FLM - eeek - I got a place with them last year in the draw - this year no draw, 4 takers for 5 places - wonder if I should phone and find out if it has been taken?


Evil Pixie said...

Well done Beanz - sorry you were alone :-(

b-z said...

Fantastic beanzie

Leon said...

Brill Beanz...

Well done you

Mrs V said...

Nice one Beanz - Well Done

Your such an inspiration to me, keep running girl!

Evil Pixie said...

listen to you heart not your head Beanz! You know it will be an amazing day if you get that place. and if you do I'll see you at the expo and Mile 17 with whatever hugs and support you want/need.

You know what is involved in completing a marafun so you can at least find out with an open mind!

Let us know what you decide!!

HappyasLarry said...

Well done Beanz, good training going on here and its not easy to fit it all in with Christmas preparations too.
I hope you get the FLM place.