Thursday, 15 December 2005


you don't normally read reports of wildlife when people do a run on the tready, but the gym has three treadmills that look out over the River Derwent to some wasteland, which I think is a former industrial site

you cannot actually see the river, but the trees along its banks mark its route

I always choose a tready there - back to the rest of the gym, no mirrors - although at night you can see yourself reflected in the windows

why am I telling you all this?

well normally I just put on the music, and watch the cyclists on the path by the river, telling myself I will not look at the numbers until the next person come into view - tready equivalent of running to the next lampost!

but today the sun was up and the birds were flying, first a cormorant (or was it a shag?) then a fleet of mallards

then a great grey heron - it was magnificent!

oh and the running?

well the schedule said 4.5 miles with TP - but she is still coughing and spluttering so it was me and the tready, so I decided to go for 'speed pyramids'

did 3.2 miles in 45 minutes - including warm up and cool down AHR 134

not the 4½ I was supposed to do, but just couldn't keep going any longer and needed to get on with the day

so I am wasting it here instead!


Sluggie said...

Well done Beanzie, at least you did something rather than using TP's illness as an excuse.

womble said...

Blimey, nearly as much wildlife as I saw yesterday and I ran in Richmond Park!

Well done on doing the session.

Evil Pixie said...

you have ntlmail

Mrs V said...

Nice one beanz,my turn next week to go out and do a bit, coughing and spluttering is susiding to the occassional cough so ill get past this weekends frivolities and see how I get on.