Friday, 16 December 2005

gym again

so I had that end of term feeling today

dropped the teenbeanzes at school and on to the gym

cross trainig was the plan - but I have decided to skip the squats as I hav espotted a pattern of injury after squat exercises in the past

so tready - bike - cross trainer-tready - 35 minutes altogether - no time for more and included 2.1 km on teready

then off for haircut

oops did not factor in breakfast, but manged to get a banana and a cereal bar at the gym

then shopping - now I am not your average female shopaholic - mainly cos I am oversized and just get depressed by not fitting into anything that I like and not liking seeing me in anythign that will fit :<(

but I do need some new black work trousers - so it has to be done

off to M&S two piars of trousers that fit JUST - a good incentive to keep the eating under control

on ot Debenhams lookign ofr Coloured tops for Christmas - cannot go on wearing back all the time - but what has happened to Debenhams??? It has lost all its decent clothes and its all tat for the young :<( :<((

so a couple of Maine t-shirty tops will have to do

a few pressies bought too and then back home for a sandwich and glass ofg milk and I feel knackered TOTM doing its stuff

so off for a snooze

then collect teenbeanzes

and shortly get ready for the East Midlands Social (Part 2)

so no work done, apart from a couple of emails replied to

and tax form not done yet eeek!

beginning to panic abotu things left undone

must get an ordered jobs list

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b-z said...

going to the wrong shops!
red herring in debenhams is good

laura ashley