Sunday, 11 December 2005

Sunday run

so I've been putting it off for over a week and now I have to do it

mrbeanz and teenbeanz went out and did 6 miles at 8.00 but I was going to take a lot longer for my 7 miles, so we could not go together and I needed to fuel up first

I have just read that Pixie fuels up on energy bars just before her long run, I tend to go for the porage two hours before - which means early morning long runs are not ideal

so breakfast at 10, off to church and then back to run by 1.00

after much debate about route I decided on my usual long run route up the main road, as I was running alone, I am not keen on the rather isolated off road route

a glorious day for a run - clear blue sky, December so sunny but not hot and not much of a breeze

so off I plodded, not too bad, but back begins to remind me its been aching after about a mile, but I am determined to keep going for at least 2 miles before listenig to any aches, as I know that once I am warmed up it will all be different

by 2 miles I am beginning to feel ok about this and plodding nicely

out to the end of the route, and it is not quite 3.5 miles, the first time I have done this run since my garmin days, and I always thought it WAS 3.5 miles to here, ah well

and back home, into the sun to begin with - pleased I brought my cap

seems to be going well until I hit killer hill - and then my back really begins to ache, and the last mile is hard, lots of walking, with little jogs in between

and home for a drink and stretch and a warm shower

and then my left leg began to ache - like it has not done for some time

I have not been doing my exercise prescribed by the phyzz as I should it did not ache like this after Leeds or any other runs recently

it occurs to me that there are some dodgy cambers on this run, and I notice them on the way out when my left leg is downhill, but not on the way back along the same path

maybe this route is the cause of the ache as I have not done more than a mile or so along this route for some months

the numbers:

Mile Pace AHR
1 13:56 131
2 14:16 138
3 13:54 142
4 13:59 141
5 13:29 143
6 13:40 141
0.88 15:32 136
6.88 1:37:00 139

so looking for the half full glass, negative split over the 'running' miles!!


Evil Pixie said...

tell me about nasty cambers! My right side is still sore from this mornings run where the the 2nd mile was on an awfull camber!
as for exercises - yes well err ummm OK I'm guilty of not doing them either!

HappyasLarry said...

Well plodded Beanz. I know all about not doing the excercises - as soon as my back feels better I forget to do them too!

C A D said...

Beanzie - can you explain this 'negative splits' thing..? Is it when you get faster..? Cos I thought that was a positive thing..?

*scratches head*

beanz said...

yes - negative splits are when you go faster later

and it is a good thing - so why its called negative ?

cos its getting less I suppose