Monday, 5 December 2005


so was planning a long run today

7 miles - ok not long but longer for me

but too long to do on no brekkie, so there I was eating porage at 6.30

then at 8.30 I was falling asleep at my desk, advantage of working from home is I go and lie down

next thing I know its 10.45 and I have not run and now I really don't want to take my fat body on the streets in broad day light

and I have work to do anyway

so I have not been

will try to go to the gym tonight

road to hell is paved with my good intentions

Later that day .................
Thanks for all the kind and supportive comments

I thought gymm plans were going to be sabotaged when the teenbeanzes came home and announced that we were needed at school for a parents evening at 7 an dthen scoutibenaz had to be transported to the other side of town for his meeting .......

however I managed to get my act together, cook and eat tea, go to the meeting take scoutbeanz, and then get the gym for 8.45 - much later than I am used to

so warm up on the cross-trainer - should have been 10 minutes but met a couple of peeps to chat to so it was 20 minutes ...

then on to the tready - heavy legs and fast beating heart, but I did a couple of km and then loads of stretching and the foam roller on the ITB - ouch!

and home to find out what else has been going on in the teenbeanzes' lives

and loggin my little plod revelas I have passed 500 miles for the year- and beaten last year's total with 4 weeks to go

so ending the day more postively than it began :>))


C A D said...


Keep trying tomorrow though yes..?!!

And at least you must have needed the rest.

Evil Pixie said...

rest is good

Highway Kind said...

Virtue is not necessarily in success, it's in coming back and trying again (well thats what I tell myself when my plans go awry - as they usually do)

C A D said...

Happy Tuesday Beanz!!


C A D said...

Happy Tuesday Beanz!!


Evil Pixie said...

Beanz has ntl mail!

Evil Pixie said...

and more ntlmail!

b-z said...

good for you beanz
I know what you mean about runing in the daylight
silly really am quite happy to do a race at that time