Saturday, 17 September 2005

working away

No after effects of running yesterday - in fact the stretching and jogging seems to have sorted out the sore calves. :>)

Off to deliver furniture to studentbeanz and take her to Sainsbury’s – stocking up on food again!
Pleased to see she is settling in to her rented house, with other housemates moving in too and BF around as well.

Then off to 2½ days of meetings in a hotel. An interesting mix of folk and lots of people watching to do as new teams are built. I am responsible for the building of one of the teams, and whilst I have some strong personalities in there, they are good people who want to do a professional job.

No time to run – its pretty intensive from arrival until midnight.

Up early for a little plod just a couple of miles with lots of stretching – uninspiring running territory – industrial estate or the dual carriageway? Tough choice – but it was a lovely morning with beautiful sunrise.

And then in to very full day of work – demanding stuff getting people to know each other and agree on new working patterns and roles.
Making sure the work is shared out equably as it is paid on a piece-work basis, but making sure some people are not overloaded as I know they have other commitments to the organisation.

A brief pause between work and dinner – relax or swim??
I am afraid I went for a phone call home with my feet up.

Left the bar at 11.30 and crashed out.

Alarm went off at 6.00 but I had prep to do for the meeting, so no plod :<( Good end to the work at lunch time – people seem happy with the way it has gone and nobody said it was a waste of time coming, so job done. Home, to find Windsor number has arrived and Brass Monkey cheque cleared – no more race entries to do for a while now unless I enter FLM to build up my rejections? or do I decide I’ve been there done that and settle for halves as more family friendly events? I’m sure you will tell me what you think!

later .......

I must plan ahead a bit with my training, rather than trying to fit it in and failing

so a plan:

Sunday W5:R60:W5
Monday London - walk 4 miles
Tuesday gym - strength and tready
Wednesday club night - 1 hour steady
Thursday swim
Friday Rest Day
Saturday Rest Day
Sunday Windsor Half


b-z said...

enter FLM
you will only kick yourself when it gets nearer the time

oh and i thought you were doing Worksop

your people management sounds very successful

beanz said...

oops forgot Worksop - must enter

do you fancy it?

Mrs V said...

Oohh my calfs are tight too today, think ill be doing some stretches too.