Tuesday, 20 September 2005

ouch indeed

So off to the physio this morning

usually I go for a swim first, but an earlier appointment and horrrendous traffic meant I had to settle for a coffee and banana instead!

met up with PT, who I have not chatted to for ages - made an appointment for a session next week to sort out a new programme - based on two sessions a week to build up core strength

so to the physio ....

yes my calf IS rock solid

and we'll just do a bit of massage and then dig in

apparently I have a very high pain threshold - which enables her to dig in hard!!

then some poking around in my back

and some advice on stretching to do between now and Windsor

must do it!

she also suggested some 'soft tissue needling' - a kind of acupuncture to release the tight bits - anyone know anything about it?

she's going to try it out in a couple of weeks

the other senior physio came in while I was there - she is physio to the England Women's Cricket Team and was on the bus last week and went to the Downing Street reception. Interesting insights.

training schedule
I should not plan a week's schedule ahead, it never works out

I was planning to gym today but was lucky to get physio appointment instead, but I have to take teenbeanz to his athletics tonight, as mrbeanz has a meeting
so I could plod round the field for a couple of miles while teenbeanz is training

I was planning to go to club night tomorrow but mrbeanz has booked himself a gym appointment [he forgot I go to the other club on a Wednesday :<( ]
so I have to take other teenbeanz to archery and will not get to my club run
maybe I will try a lunchtime plod tomorrow in preparation for the Windsor start of 1.00 pm - I NEVER run at that time of day


C A D said...

Beanz: I completely agree with not planning a week's schedule ahead. Even for the half marathon and marathon training - I stick only loosely to the schedule because you have to allow some flexibility into things so that life can still go on around you. Otherwise what's the point in running if everything else goes pear-shaped..? (that's my philosophy anyway!)

You could run at 1pm - in synchronicity with me and Mr Aim High!!! And not do 15 miles. Honest (and I ate a pack of Starburst - just to make sure I had the energy!)

b-z said...

actaully thats a good idea
the 1pm run
it is weird to run at that time
food for one is a problem

C A D said...

Food is a problem Benz but I find that if you load up at breakfast time and take a pack of sweets like fruit pastilles or jelly babies - it's usually okay. Then stuff up with a sandwich and dinner as usual in the evening.