Wednesday, 14 September 2005



A swim and jacuzzi seemed just the thing for sore legs - with some stretching afterwards

Very tight calf muscles today, so did some stretching through the day.

Was unsure about club night tonight - knew I didn't want to run for an hour and work fairly hard, but LMH wanted to come and try it out, so I went anyway.

LMH went out with Tigerrunner and few others and I just jogged round the field a few times - just over a mile with lots of stretching - certainly feels better at the moment.

Away for the next three days - will try and do a little more each morning.


b-z said...

you are back
all miles are good miles

C A D said...

What Benz said Beanz... miles is miles and stretching is good!


Evil Pixie said...

easy does it and all that!
No room left on me bench even though I found a large one!

Leon said...

Little and often... keeps everything working without overdoing it..

Which has to be good Beanz...

Speak to you soon