Thursday, 22 September 2005

tapering and hydrating

Looks like it might be warm in Sunday so I am trying to get the water habit, don't want to falll into the same trap as last time.

Not entirely sure I shoudl be doing this Windsor Half, don't feel geared up for it at all, but will be good to meet a crowd of forumites and I am using the opportunity to visit a couple of friends while I am down south.

So :

Tried running at lunchtime - something I never normally do. I had porage at 7 and then a peanutbutter sandwich and a banana at 10, ran at 1.00. Felt a bit stuffed to start with, but no indigestion - mind you I only ran a couple of miles!

It was HOT.
Will be having porage earlier on Sunday, before I set off, and not eat so much later.

Been for a swim this morning followed by a haircut.
Trying to work but finding it difficult to get down to all the tasks in hand.
MUST get lots done tomorrow and also get a couple of goodnights' sleep.


Highway Kind said...

the hair cut is the key. Shed all that excess weight and you will be.....oh seconds quicker

Mrs V said...

Im having my hair done to, must be the thing to do today

Evil Pixie said...

my hair should have been cut about 3 weeks ago ... and stil I forget to get it done!
You'll be fine on sunday!