Friday, 9 September 2005



decided I needed to do some level road stuff, upping the pace a bit without having to worry about the undulations

the only 'flat' bit round here is the football field at the rec

so off to the gym
warm up on the cross trainer
on to the tready to do sort of yassos - warm up then 800 m at a pace that made me work hard
easy for a couple of minutes
then off again
did 3 of them

then cool down

and 5 k altogether

and then more stretching and ITB rolling

so it was good

I hadn't been to the gym for ages

and I know it wasn't base training

but I just had to get my legs to do something other than plod


now tapering - with a shed load of proof reading to do its not too difficult to not go and run

though I think I shall need a walk at lunch time to clear my head


Mrs V said...

Awww thanks for dropping by and leaving a hug.

Much appreciated

Lou xx

b-z said...

doing more than me babes
you go on Sunday-will be thinking of you

Highway Kind said...

Good luck and enjoy yourself - I am told that Nottingham in the autumn can only be matched by Paris in the spring.

(well perhaps)

Michelle Mitchell said...

Good luck and enjoy!

beanz said...

thanks, folks

Evil Pixie said...

looks like tomorrow will be cool which is great
nothing worse than miles in the sun!
You'll be fine and enjoy it - after all that's the main thing!

Andrew McEvoy said...

Good luck Beanzie

Enjoy it.