Thursday, 29 September 2005

tough gym session

well I asked for some serious work and the PT gave it me

she has devised two programmes to build up my core strength and some CV stuff as well

I must get to the gym twice a week - otherwise I forget what I am supposed to be doing!

For Pix:

Programme 1
warm up: X-trainer 5 minutes forward, 5 minutes reverse

[rower level 2½ minutes; 20 press ups] × 4

[single leg extension straight arm pull (weights) × 20 ; Swiss ball squat with dumbbells ×20] ×3

[resistance band lunge, tricep extension × 20; Swiss ball balance on forearms] ×3

Cool down on tready

Programme 2
warm up : 5 min treadmill

[Recumbent bike 2min; X-trainer 2 min; upright bike 2 min; staircase 2 min; arm bike 2 min;] × 2

[squats with weights × 20; crunches 8 × 2]×3

walking lunge with dumb bells × 4

Cool down on tready


Evil Pixie said...

and what's this core work then? do share!

Mrs V said...

Im shattered just reading that Beanz

b-z said...

has a lie down