Monday, 19 September 2005

plodding on


So up early(ish) for a plod - nothing significant done since Robin Hood last Sunday.

Only time for an hour or so so off I went up the road, boring route but don't need to think too much.

Its undulating, so difficult to get into a rhythm for any length of time, but trying to keep HR to 145 max.

Walekd for 5 minutes warm up and then ran below 145.

Decided on the way back the soul needed something other than road, so came back through the park, harder work but much prettier.

Walked up the hill at the end - hence the much slower pace for last section - but HR still high!!

Mile Pace AHR time
1 13:14 128 13:14
2 13:35 139 26:49
3 13:47 142 40:36
4 13:53 142 54:29
5 15:53 143 1:10:22
5.16 15:24 138 1:12:54
run 14:07 139 1:12:54

Off to London today, no chance to run first unless I get up too early - need to get the teenbeanzes up for school before I go for the train.

A 2 mile walk to the meeeting and then 2 miles back - back was much more pleasant as I knew where I was aiming for and was able to take the back street route.

As Leon remarked recently there is a lot to see in a city above eye level and I love to walk down the side roads in London and look at the fascinating mix of architectural styles, buildings names, blue plaques .....

Booked a session with the physio tomorrow - hope she will be able to give my calves a good going over before Windsor.


b-z said...

not half a bad run only a week after a half mara

Evil Pixie said...


womble said...

Some of us *live* in Larndan. Where were you? And let us know in advance next time!

beanz said...

womble meetings always in Central Larndan
there next Tuesday, meeting at 2, off Picadilly - might come up in the morning and do something like a museum etc

Mrs V said...

Love reading your blog beanz it always is an insoiring read.


Lou x

Mrs V said...

I meant inspiring