Monday, 26 September 2005

Hilly & hot


Up early for the drive down to Windsor, arriving before 10 for a 1 o'clock start!

After a doze in the car it was off to the forum tent.
I shall probably forget to mention someone, but it was great to see XB,poddler,yumyum and family, Berry, Ailsa, Larry. Meldy.Sluggy and Mr Slug all WAISTers. And of course BB. and BD who organised the whole thing. And there was Fraggle and family and tinribs and XFR bear and ........

And the race?
I started at the back with More of a Tortoise and Bodjit with the original intention of run a mile walk a minute but I had not taken into account the HILLS and the HEAT.
I remembered XB saying he was planning to run it comfortably at a set HR as he is doing 2 more halves over the next 2 weeks. And Bodjit saying she was just going to base it. So I decided to run at 'base pace' around about 145 and walk up the hills if HR went above that.

I felt much more in control now and chugged along, passing a few people now and again, but going rather slowly - data will follow once I get home.

It now became a lovely jog in the park up to about 10 miles. After that I couldn't keep the running going even when the HRM said I should.

But I did see the scenery - including the deer, which the fast peeps missed.

Time? Another PW 3:09:22

Post mortem later.


Sorry for those reading a disappearing blog, I have discovered that if you edit a post it disappears and I had to save this as draft while I cooked tea!

So first of all the numbers from yesterday:

Mile Pace AHR time
1 14:25 147 14:25
2 14:01 149 28:26
3 13:22 147 41:48
4 14:07 149 55:55
5 13:53 147 1:09:48
6 14:13 147 1:24:01
7 14:15 147 1:38:16
8 13:55 145 1:52:11
9 15:01 144 2:07:12
10 14:47 142 2:21:59
11 15:31 141 2:37:30
12 14:34 139 2:52:04
13 14:22 136 3:06:26
13.1 3:09:19

stats are from garmin, final time is from chip time

So ...... what this says to me is that I need to do more longer runs before I venture onto the half marathon course again and that Worksop is DEFINITELY not a place for a longer run - I would be so far off the back with a sweeper ambulance chugging behind me it would be very miserable.


The Plan

Base train from now until Brass Monkey - 4 months - trying to get out 4 or 5 times a week, with a club run most Wednesdays and a longer run at the weekend with TP. I have to be realistic, I am not going to get out every day and so there is no point in aiming for something I will fail at.

Aiming to be doing at least 10 miles on the long run by November and then weekly.


to lose at least 1½ stone by Brass Monkey [after listening to yet another item on diabetes, I know I have all the prerequisites - except being totally sedentary- I HAVE to lose weight I am well obese - much more overweight than anyone else in our clan here].

I know I can count on your support in this - and I will need it!


Evil Pixie said...

It was hot yesterday wasn't it! And I said I wouldn't do Windsor again because it was hilly didn't I!! (and I get sulky seeing the fast peeps pass you - lapped courses suck!)
Anyway if you based it then time doesn't really matter now does it - it was a good run (nice scenery!)with friends and that's important too!
well done for getting out there
can't have been easy especially as you had a long drive 1st

Leon said...

It was hot in that neck of the woods yesterday...

But a BT effort with friends, and the benefit of being able to take in everything around you too...

Tell you what - it sounds like a good 'un to me...

Evil Pixie said...

1.5st by BM impressive target
Go Girl!

b-z said...

windsor is a hard course
Like your goals-achievable and realistic

Mrs V said...

Some very consistent HR's and splits there you have, thats commendable in my book.

As for your weight loss targets I lost 1.5 stone in 4 months by exercising and sensible eating so it can be done. Im trying to lose another 1.5 stone before xmas and definately trailplus but its getting harder now.

Im with you every step of the way