Tuesday, 9 May 2006

bad run.......... good walk

well that was pretty awful

I had planned a little 3 mile plod in the sunshine

but my legs weren't having any of it

after a mile my leg had tightened up and my back ached :<( so I cut it short and walked back through the woods - which was lovely :>))

bluebells in full colour, trees with new bright green buds, birds singing, squirrels leaping around ....

can't be down for long on a day like this

and still 2 miles in the pot!


Evil Pixie said...

exactly! 'Tis a lovely day! Great day for running! Or Walking! Or just being alive and pottering in the garden!

Mrs V said...

Sounds like a perfect walk to me!

The bluebells are looking lovely round here too.

Sluggie said...

You've done really well at getting back into the swing of things following FLM. The lovely walk will have done you just as much good.

b-z said...

all forward movement

womble said...

Lovely at this time of year, isn't it?