Wednesday, 17 May 2006

not much to say but testing ....

I seem to be writing blogs that appear in my list - and I get the email confirmation but they don't actually appear here!!

so does this one work?

later ....

well b-z can see it but I can't - weirder!

and later still .....

I've cleared my history ( which I shall probably regret) is that the same as the cache?
I've refeshed

but still this post is not visible when I go from my favourties to the blog

what next?

tried it in Firefox

and first it came with theold page and then I refreshed and it included this posting

and now its visible in IE too!


and the edit just above was not visiblew in IE until ihad refreshed it in Firefox????

I updated my Norton software yesterday

is Norton tryingto drive me to Firefox?


b-z said...


Evil Pixie said...

refresh? If you are connecting via the mobile it may be showing you a chached page

C A D said...

IE6 is evil anyway


womble said...

Bliddy hell, you've confused me! Now I don't know if what I've read is there or not!


b-z said...

Im confused