Saturday, 13 May 2006

More bluebells

Well here I am in Peterborough again - with lots of great offroad routes and I am not running :(

But yesterday a colleague told me of a bluebell wood close to the hotel.

So I've been for a wall lovely bluebells and also wild garlic - I didn't even know the path was there and it will add nicely to my other runs from this hotel.

And I came back and stretched (my back did ache) and I tried to recruit those elusive transverse abdominus (?) muscles too - they're difficult to find under the flab :(

later at home ......

pain in the butt is more noticeable

not helped by sitting in chairs and car all day - did kneel to type at laptop at one stage to straighten out!

need to lay off the walking and running for a bit I think

must concentrate on stretching and strengthening

Derby 10k tomorrow - I'm marshalling mrbeanz andteenbeanz are running


Outsidenow said...

Bluebell path sounds wonderful.

Hope you enjoy Derby and good luck to the running beanz

C A D said...

I'm not running either Beanz. I decided to retire from road racing. Since the marathon my left posterior tibialis tendonitis isn't any better. Consequently, I'm favouring that leg and putting strain on the right hip. I should have done the women's 10K today but I didn't (aside from the windscreen man coming anyway).

Hope you pick up soon when you come home.