Friday, 26 May 2006

new beginnings

as regular readers know, I have spent the last few years travelling rather a lot - meetings, training teachers .....

it had all begun to get very wearing

so when a teaching job came up at a (fairly) local school, after some thought and discussion with colleagues, I decided to lob in an application

I haven't taught for a long time but have kept up to date with developments - and even worked on them

and this work had made me want to try out the new ideas I was talking to teachers about

so yesterday I had an interview - which included teaching a lesson to a class of 14 yo girls - and I think I can still do it

and they offered me the job!

nothing in writing yet - but that is not an issue

a whole new life is around the corner

leaving the house before 7.30, doing a day's work and coming home to prepare for tomorrow

NOT travelling away and eating in hotels

will have to find a new way to fit the tranining in!


C A D said...

Fantastic Beanz!

I often think about going back to nursing. I doubt I would but I do think about how much less work I'd be bringing home.

Well done you! Training will fit in somewhere! Work / Life balance is important tho.


Evil Pixie said...

Great news for you and the family! So pleased!

b-z said...

dotnforget loadsa training in the holidays!

womble said...

Woo Hoo!!!!!!

I think whatever you might lose in flexibility of arranging your own time, you'll gain in terms of consistency. Less travelling, more stability. Long holidays. Knowing that there is a timetable will help with planning your training no end. And you can be a role model to all those young, impressionable girls.



Bedders said...

...just thinking of those long summer holidays.....well done!