Sunday, 21 May 2006

running again

I haven't run for nearly two weeks - whch as you allknow is really frustrating

I have been doing my core stuff and stretching and that togetehr with the elbow digging on Wednesday seems ot have made a great difference

I realised today that I wasn't aching at all

so this afternoon it was off to the gym - I decided that was the place to try the running - could always stop if it was painful and no hills on the walk back

after warming up and stretching a ventured over to the tready, and just plodded for a couple of km - enough to get my HR up, but not wanitng to overdo it, I decided that would do for today and I will come back for a longer plod tomorrow

I am working at home for the next four weeks, so need to make the most of the time with the family, fitting in the exercise and eating well - a month could make a big difference!


HappyasLarry said...

Glad to see you have got out for a run again. I hope your back feels ok after.

C A D said...

Glad to see the aches are disappearing.

I'm sorry for pointing you in the direction of New Scientist forums. If I hear of you visiting whilst working from home, I shall be giving you a telling off...

oh... just realised... you could call that 'working from home'


Bedders said...

Two weeks not running due to an injury, when you want to run, is so frustrating. Don't you find that the injuries take longer each year to go as well!

beanz said...

cath - have not lurked back there yet - but it is only a matter of time!

bedders - yes I think recovery from FLM has taken longer than I anticipated - must remember that after Abingdon - any news on NY?