Wednesday, 3 May 2006

getting back to it

Wednesday is club night, so as I was at home it seemed a good idea to go along

great to see people again and have a chat

and a plod

went off in my usual group - and decided I would run steady, not rush to keep up with ladyexsprinter, and kept my HR below 140 - which is my LSR pace usually

I let them go ahead and they fitted in an extra little loop - while I stretched after about 1.6 miles and then picked me up again and we came back together - until LXS pushed on at the end

so 3.3 miles done 45:12 AHR 140 - pushed it a bit up the last 0.3 up the hill!

its good to be back

off on my travels again tomorrow - so running in the flat lands again for a few days :>)


C A D said...

I should take a leaf out of your book Beanz and go to club nights. Just the last club I tried to join were rubbish. Not very friendly - didn't let me join even their slow speed session and made me run the wrong way round the outside of the track (so I wouldn't get in the way) and sent an old dear to keep me company who hadn't been running 5 minutes.



HappyasLarry said...

Good to read that you are back to normal after FLM and enjoying the luxury of running fewer miles for a while.