Saturday, 29 April 2006

plodding again :>))

legs really have not suffered after FLM - maybe I could have done more?

apart from some walking I have not done any exercise this week - a plan to swim failed to materialise

I woke to glorious sunshine and had to go out and run - no time for much as the teentaxi is required on a Saturday morning

however t shirt and shorts weather and off I went into the park in my new Saucony omni trail shoes (that's another column in the spreadsheet!)

just a little plod enjoying the air - 2½ miles in 32 minutes

and next?

new plan is forming to get me round Abingdon with a new PB

looking back at my training for FLM, in spite of promising myself I would, I didn't do anywhere near enough long runs - so more of those need to be factored in - Mondays have been blocked off in the diary from now until October!


b-z said...

have they now

C A D said...

My long days are going to be Fridays. Along with Gardening.


Well done you. You reminded me when I come back from holidee I need to spring clean my training logs


HappyasLarry said...

You seem to have recovered quicker this time Beanzie. Well done.

Bedders said...

Seems so unfair as I struggled to get up and downstairs with my legs until at least Wednesday!

Mrs V said...

Nice one Beanz, another benefit of all the training is that you recover quicker I noticed that after doing Liverpool Half.

Oh and guess what ive done - entered an Ultra, yes I know im nuts!