Friday, 7 April 2006

Friday - not long to go now!

Nothing much done yesterday apart from shopping with studentbeanz

this afternoon I saw her off at the station and then went to the gym

it's too late to do much about enduarnce but maybe a bit of speedwork wil not go amiss

so after warming up on the cross trainer I did my speed pyramids - up and down the speed until 5 km done

used HR for the top of the pyramid, and will try to push a bit harder next time - enjoyed it once I was passsed the toxic 20!

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HappyasLarry said...

Well done on the weight loss Beanz. I have always found that keeping a food diary and counting the calories of everything I eat and drink will get the weight off every time. Don't worry if WW isn't working for you, it seems you can do it the other way easier anyway and save the money.
As for getting fitter, the training is paying off in your times you are running. Well done.