Sunday, 9 April 2006

life, the Universe and new carpets

a leaky pipe before Christmas has resulted in disruption ever since

at last the light is at the end of the tunnel - I had to clear one end of the room so the decorator coudl make good

this weekend I have had to clear the whole room so that the new carpet can be laid this week

this has been a serious undertaking - I have been in the room for 10 years, accumulating stuff which might be useful, but has not left the box since it was put there some time ago!

so the move has involved a lot of throwing away - and a resolution that nothing will go back - it will be filed - in the filing cabinets or in the recycling box

not much left in the room now - except the printer which has to be kept alive whilst the teenbeanzes print out the last of the GCSE coursework - final, final, final deadlines this week!

I did manage a plod this morning - 45 minutes 3.3ish miles and all before the rain and hail arrived.

two weeks from now it will all be over .................................

and the next one to be planned .............................

1 comment:

Sluggie said...

Glad that things are getting sorted now.

I'm excited abouit FLM, but don't want it to be over either!