Friday, 14 April 2006

Catching up

missed posting for the last few days - various reasons, hectic life, moving study, loss of internet connection ...


weigh in - another pound off

drive down to Cambridge

arrive in Cambridge in time for lunch - meeting - drive home

drive home - loads of traffic, pushing it to be back in time for running club, but just get home in time to change and collect teenbeanz

club run - we plan 3-4 miles but I don't even get to walk around the car park and warm up, we go off too fast - first mile 12:27 (forgot HRM) and my calves are screaming - I let the other two go on and I jog back to do some stretching - only 2 miles done and this is a steep taper!


off into town with nonrunnignteenbeanz to buy jeans, walking gear for DofE and a new phone for him

first a haircut for me while he does market research, then a coffee in cafe nero - pretty rubbish coffee

then shopping, the orange shop queue is so long we decide to shop online having chosen the phone he wants

but we do find gaiters, walking trousers and jeans so he is fairly happy

afternoon - lots of physical activity moving stuff back into my study - carrying, bending, stretching, putting stuff on shelves

but no running

am not sleeping very well - legs seem to be twitchy, is this a tapering effect? certainly can't be too much running this week!


up at 7.45 - a lie in!

need to do something but not much time after lie in, so jog round to the rec where there is a cricket pitch, a football pitch and bowling greens on a terraced hill. For some reason I never think of running here but actually it is ideal for some stuff - a flat football pitch makesa good place for intervals and the hills might be good for hill work - it is not too sleep but is even and different bits give different gradients!

the football pitch seems to be about 0.05mile x 0.03miles - which is about 80 metres x 50 metres I think

so after a very heavy legged warm up, all of a sudden I felt like a bit of a push - so I 'sprinted' along the long sides and walked along the short sides x 4

and the garmin shows that the 80 metre bits were done at 10 mm - and under - amazing for me!! and HR went up to 153 - which means I could have worked a bit harder - or maybe for longer - to get it to 160

will have to try and incorporate that into my training more regularly after next week


b-z said...

Twitchy taper legs
I remember them well------

sue said...

Go Beanzie, you are doing well! Yes - the dreaded twitchy legs is a downside of tapering I'm afraid. Try some lavender oil on your pillow - or some 'sleepeazy' from Boots, it'll help to relax you.

Sluggie said...

Nearly there now Beanzie.