Wednesday, 19 April 2006

short plod

getting back into a routine after the holiday, so went out at 7.00 for a short plod

2.2 miles, 30 minutes at 2 seconds over marathon pace

I have a plan to meet up with SpeedyG at the Blue start and we will plod together with an aim of getting in under 6 hours - we have slightly different plans - she wants to run a mile walk a minute, I want to use the trinity method to keep from going too fast and walk more than a minute if necessary

anyway we will start off together and see how it goes

last massage this evening and a good natter with masseuse about her Reading half, RFG and other stuff- she may be on RFG tomorrow night, massaging Michelle!

been having the weird dreams - my anxieties are all about logistics before and after, rather than the run itself

so my dreams are all about catching trains and finding stations, too big a kit bag .........

ah well all too soon it will be all over and we'll be wondering what to do next!

I need a plan!


b-z said...

but you have your next plan dont you
hee hee

beanz said...

well that's the destination - now need to find the way!

Evil Pixie said...

you'll be fine! See you at M17!

Red Haired Girl said...

Sorry it's been so long since I've been in touch, but I am thinking of you..

Lots and lots of wishes for the weekend. It will all go brilliantly I'm sure.

Most importantly enjoy it...

Outsidenow said...

Best plan is to turn up and have time of your life and go home a happy bunny!!

The very best of luck to you all the other WAISTer marafunners!

Would you pass on my best wishes to others on the forum who are also taking part as I'm having broadband probs again so I may not get on before the weekend. I'm using Mrs works lap-top with dial-up but can't get on forum.

Have a great day on Sunday.

Highway Kind said...

I'm sure your plan will be to buld on your success on Sunday

Good Luck

Sluggie said...

See you there Beanzie!

HappyasLarry said...

Good Luck Beanzie - I'll be watching for you. Have a fantastic time.

Mrs V said...

Congrats Beanz on the FLM PB, bet your well chuffed!!!!

Your such an inspiration