Wednesday, 5 April 2006

getting fitter!

it's been a good couple of days

Not a running day, but it was such a glorious day I couldn't stay inside. So studentbeanz and I went for a walk in the park - the one with the steep hills and the golf course. It was great, we chatted about this and that and by the time we got back we had walked 2.3 miles and felt soo much better for it!

A couple of weeks ago I went along to WW and yet again I had not lost anything and I did not have time to stay to the talk. This was a real waste of money. I asked a good friend if she would help me - both to lose weight and to develop my running post FLM. She agreed but suggested there was no point in witing until after FLM - lets start now.
So over the last 10 days I have been logging what I eat and the exercise I do. And this simple discipline has resulted in a 2 pound weight loss in the last week :>)) I've just got to keep it going now!

Another beautiful day, but a shorter walk this time - lots of other stuff to do and a club run this evening. But 1½ miles done. I really must do this every day when I am working at home - it is such a good way to break up the day.

Club run
V69 was not there tomight so just XLS and me. We decided that 4 miles would be a good distance to do, and set off together, comfortable for her and a bit harder for me, but I did manage to chat most of the time - so not that hard!
First mile done in 12:38 - crumbs and I was chatting too! AHR 137 - what is that all about - would have expected it top be at least 5 higher!
And so it went on, chat, run, enjoy:

Mile Pace AHR
1 12:38 137 didn't feel that quick!
2 12:54 139 includes two major roads to cross
3 12:20 142 quickest mile ever!
4 12:57 143 crossing those roads again
0.08 12:14 151 uphill sprint!
4.08 12:42 140 a good run

More than a minute quicker than marathon pace - and anotehr quickest mile PB!

And then a shower, a few of teenbeanz's chips and home for shepherds pie!

Definitely a good day


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another really positive post! Great to see! Go Beanz Go!

Mrs V said...

Stunning progress Beanz!!!