Sunday, 28 May 2006


Woke up in time to run before church - and it wasn't raining!

So this is the beginning of Abingdon training - and a very slow beginning it was just a 4 mile plod, keeping HR to 140.

anyway it was done

and then this afternoon I went for a swim with the teenbeanzes - it was not very busy so we each had a lane to ourselves - which kept the boys apart an so everyone managed to swim without physical contact!

after 20 lengths it was time for some games - who can sit on the bottom the longest, who can walk on their hands, who can maintain a handstand the longest, and who can swim the furthest on one breath - I only competed in the last one (I won!!) - I was judge for the others and fortunately honours were shared, though I think scoutbeanz should take up synchronised swimming he is so good at the handstands and walking on his hands - and no nose clip either!

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