Thursday, 11 May 2006


achey back has not gone away - and 6 hours on trains yesterday didn't help

so as suggested by coach, it was a swim today

not being in the class of some of the people here, I settled for 750m in about 30 minutes (I can't see the clock very well without my glasses!)

its a shame really because it is a glorious day

but driving back from the gym I could feel my back and also an ache in my bum - I think it is my piriformis (?)

so have a session with the masseuse tomorrow - that should sort me out!


I want to RUN


b-z said...


hope it is bettr soon

womble said...

Get the masseuse to show you stretches for piriformis. I'll try to find some pics somewhere on t'interwebby.


Evil Pixie said...

well done for keeping going and not going on sofa watch!
Hope the ouchy lady sorts you out!