Sunday, 7 May 2006

back home again

I had planned to swim, but there wasn't time before I went off to give blood.
Then on the road again - working with a friend until late then on to the hotel.
So no exercise :-(

Should have done some core strength in the morning but the hotel room was too small - not enough floor space!!

On to another industrial estate beside a motorway and another hotel.
Managed to do a short plod in the evening - might have gone further but I was aware that I was off road and no one had any idea where I was.
2 miles done

At least this hotel has a pool so a swim this morning

520 metres 20 minutes

No time for an evening plod - the meeting went on so there would be less to do on Sunday and an early escape on Sunday

Did not sleep well (ate too late?) and when alarm went off I turned over and went back to sleep - back ached from the day in teh meeting too.
DID do core strength exercises though.

And it still went on into the afternoon.

But home now :>)

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b-z said...

all exercise
well done