Sunday, 27 January 2008

Putting the Phyzz into Physics

I want to try to communicate my excitement about physics to the girls I teach.

I have decided to try and add something each week that makes them think outside the current curriculum - maybe a 'wow' moment, maybe a 'why does it do that' moment, maybe an image ......

So this week I did the marshmallows (thanks to Neal for this)

It drew suitable oohs and has - so that by Friday older sisters were asking when they were going to see it as their younger sisters had already seen it.

I now have to collect many more so that there is a different one every week for 5 years!

Next week the colour change ducks I bought in Sainsbury's in the post-Christmas sale.


Highway Kind said...

I think this is great. Almost all the things I remember from my education happened when the teacher went off-curriculum

womble said...

Errrmmmmm, so have the marshmallows absorbed the moisture in the flask? I'm not sure what's happened to the 'lid'/stopper.

Please, tell me. I'm sure I'll understand really......