Friday, 15 February 2008

back to it

I had a session with the sports therapist/torturer today. As I thought it's the ITB that is the problem - turns out that both legs are bad, though only one has been giving me trouble.
And ST has given me a whole new set of exercises to do, that put less pressure on the knee but will strengthen my quads and also my core (groan).

She is ordering me a ITB roller thing - meanwhile suggests I use a rolling pin (not to lie on but to rill up and down - like the stick) and lending me a wobble board - when someone returns one that has been lent!

I am seeing her again in 3 weeks, when she will check up how much progress I have made - so I'd better do them!


b-z said...

sounds like progress

Revrunner said...

Ha! So I'm not the only nut in the tree after all. :-) "Borrowed" the rolling pin from the kitchen the day after I tore my hamstring and have been using it ever since.

Not sure it helps. But, hey, if it works on bread dough, why shouldn't it work on muscles?

... one of the dumbest things I think I've ever done. :-)