Friday, 8 February 2008

missing week

Last week I had an appointment at the hospital, to follow up a scan the previous week - all resulting in an unexpected follow-up this week - a girlie investigation involving a general anaesthetic - all went well, now to wait for the results. It has rather overshadowed the past week - both thinking about it and planning for the time off work.

So not much exercise at all - but I HAVE been trying to stretch before driving and that has helped - just the ITB to sort out now.

There was one happy note - last weekend runnerbeanz took part in the county schools XC championship for the last time - and qualified for English Schools - yippee!


Revrunner said...

Hope the "results" you receive are good ones.

womble said...

I was so pre-occupied with your 'investigations' that I forgot to say:


When are the nationals and where? We need to know!