Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Running again!

This morning I went for a swim.

This evening I went for a run! Back to the beginning with run-walk so after a warm up walk I did R1W2 x 4 - just a little to test it out. So far no ill effects. The best bit was that I could do the 1 minute running ok - I had expected to struggle with my breathing but that side of it was fine, just don't want to overdo the legs.

Will try a few more reps on Thursday.

National XC is 23rd February at Alton Towers. Almost a home race, should be good and hilly.

English Schools XC is 8th March in Liverpool.

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Revrunner said...

That's awesome! You and returned to running the same day. Well, I actually was able to run/jog just a little on Sunday. But I felt much more confident yesterday that my recovery was definitely heading in the right direction.

Congratulations! Feels good, doesn't it?