Sunday, 24 February 2008

no running

Back at school after half term and the drive is kicking in again with my quads.

So I have wimped out of running, I have tried to do my quad strength and have remembered most mornings.
And I've stretched and taken the rolling pin or fingers to the ITB.

But no running.

However I did go and support at the National XC yesterday. It was at Alton Towers, which has lots of park land as well as scary rides.

This first picture shows part of the course which has gradually run downhill to the valley bottom.

There is then a rather steep climb up again:

Tigerrunner (in green) is attacking the hill!

Rather more scary than an Alton Towers ride.

Unfortunately RunnerBeanz had been missed off the club entry, so had to do without this particular thrill.

The Ladies did it twice, the Men and Junior Men three times, and everyone else just the once.


womble said...

(((RunnerBeanz))) What a pain! Looks a bit hilly, I must say.

Revrunner said...

I think I know what you mean about driving. I drive a stick shift and the clutch work can really do a number on my feet and legs, never more so than when I'm a little sore.

Surprisingly, though, I haven't had much problem with my sore hamstrings. I did at first, but not any more.

I haven't really given it much thought, but I guess the pressure really is put on the quads and ankles.

Highway Kind said...

Hope that your injuries have improved and you are back running