Saturday, 30 December 2006

another run done

Out into the park again with A

RB was doing hills so we went along the river bank - and very muddy in places too - that slowed us down!

A has been having calf and achilles problems, so we stopped during each W2 to stretch, but did NOT stop at all during the R5 bits

last of the scheduled R5 W2 runs - though I plan to do another tomorrow - need to do 4 miles to bring my total for the year to 100 miles more than last year!

will we be able to do R8 W2 x 3 next week?


b-z said...

youve changed this blog!

It looks different

well done on the running

sue said...

Well done on the running - but don't jump up the times too soon! It doesn't matter if you repeat a set or even do R6 W2. Jumping from 5 to 8 sounds a lot, unless of course you feel up to it.

Well done on your annual totals - you've beaten me, but I may have missed out a few sessions due to me forgetting my Garmin.