Wednesday, 13 December 2006

the best laid plans ...............

early Doc's appointment to follow up blood tests - a low blood count - not anaemic but low iron reserves (not sure what that means?)
then Dentist for the usual scarpe and polish
then town to try and break the back of the pressie shopping, after a slow start I managed quite well - but was knackered when I got home

a recall appointment at the breast clinic to follow up the mammogram from last week, I was not too worried as they called me back 3 years ago too
but the little bits of 'very probably' calcium have got a bit bigger since last time and a few more of them, so they wanted to be sure
which meant a core biopsy - which I had not been expecting, so it was a bit of a shock

although the nurses were very good and the whole process was fascinating and can be added to my store of 'physics in action' stories it has left me a bit drained of energy - rather achey and not wanting to run

tomorrow I am on a course but hopefully by Friday I shall feel like going out for a shuffle

after all I am doing a long run with ultra runner extraordinaire b-z on Monday!

(results of biopsy appointment on Tuesday so fingers crossed)


sue said...

I'm sure everything will be fine Beanzie - probably calcium again. Good on you for going for your mammogram in the first place!

The tiredness and lack of motivation would be explained by the 'low on iron reserves' thing. I would suggest that once that is sorted you'll feel so much better. (Iron shortage is said to be common among runners!)

b-z said...

yuk what a week!!!!!!!


yes, Sue is right
get some iron down you(spatone seems to be the least gut unfriendly)
hope it doesnt rain too much here, or we will be plodding through LOTS of puddles on the canal

Bedders said...

I can't blame you for not wanting to run. Rest up till xmas, have a great break then start again after Boxing Day - well, that's my plan.

b-z said...

she aint resting though

she is very cruelly going to drag me round 10 miles on monda;)

womble said...

I'll cross my fingers when I've finished typing xx