Thursday, 28 December 2006

more plodding

I think I am getting the hang of this running business

A, my new TP is quicker than me but happy to be slowed down by me cos every time she has tried running in recent years she has gone too fast and then been injured

We are now up to R5:W2 x 4 - and did it fairly comfortably this evening - even up the little grinding inclines
Having A to run with makes me keep plodding even when things begin to hurt, and I know that it is not for long, hopefully as we increase the R bits I will still be able to keep going



womble said...

woohoo :o)

b-z said...

isnt that splendiferous!

Bedders said...

Nice one. Do you talk to each oher when you run? My TP went abroad this year and since them I am finding every LSR a real struggle. Now I am even talking to myself.....

beanz said...

yes we do talk - she says more than me cos she has more breath!
I've done a few LSRs with b-z and they have been much more pleasant than the 'duty' runs I was doing last winter for FLM.
There must be someone else training for Rotterdam?

Bedders said...

I am sure there is but it's finding them here in Holland. Actually should be easy just a case of getting off my backside and doing it. As ypou say they feel like duty runs for me on my own.

BTW love the new Google inspired design

sue said...

Nice one Beanzie! I like doing my LSRs on my own, I like my own company and I can plan my routes for any pit stops I may need! (I can also listen to my audio books).
Having said that, it's so tempting to put it off if you're not obliged to meet anyone!