Sunday, 31 December 2006

finishing off the year nicely

up early with the intention of running 4 miles to top up the total for the year

I set off on the R5W2 schedule as it seems to be working, Iwent on my old out and back route, which is mainly downhill going, making it easier to warm up. By the time I turned after the fourth R5 I was getting into the groove and past my toxic 25 stage.
Running back up the hill, I didn't want to give into the hills as I normally do. I decided that I would stick to the R5W2 schedule but also watch my HR - if it went above 150 when I checked at each lampost, I would allow myself a walk to the next lampost, but I didn't need to walk; it didn't go above 145 on the first incline and then after the next W2 and getting steeper again it didn't go above 147 - a triumph!!

By the time I got home it was 4.4 miles done :>) total for the year 653.7.

I shall have to concentrate if I am to get near that next year, as I don't have any half or full marathons planned. It means I need to target 14 miles / week. At the moment my runs with A are just around 2 miles, but they will ease up to 3 and even 4 over the next few months I guess. We can make the Saturday run a bit longer, though we don't always get to do that together as the boys have races some weeks. It would be good to make my Sunday runs a bit longer, but normally they are determined partly by RB's training needs.


b-z said...

and of course there might always be a slightly longer option on the odd occasion with me

thats a good total for the year

beanz said...

yes, I hope so, b-z

sue said...

Well done beanzie - on the run and the annual total!

Tomorrow starts a whole new year - keep runnin'!!

coach said...

It is a good total, well done! And you will improve (whatever that means) next year :D

Highway Kind said...

How strange we switched over to Blogger2 at the same time and have chosen the same template.

Anyway you seem to have hit some sort of groove - well done and have a good year

C A D said...

Happy New Year Beanz


Bedders said...

Happy New Year and all the best for 2007.