Tuesday, 14 November 2006

when do I run?

I am writing this because I just can’t see what to do.

At the weekend I had a great run with b-z and I talked about how to fit in another run during the week.

But now I am back at the chalk face I just can’t see how to do it.

So this was my day yesterday – and it was typical of a weekday.

6.00 alarm rings and I get out of bed, shower and wash hair, dress. Come downstairs, complete packing of bag, print off something I forgot last night, breakfast, empty dishwasher, have brief conversation with emerging runnerbeanz about this evening clean teeth.

7.00 pack car, taking bottle of water, letters to post, scrape outside of car condensation

7.05 set off for school

7.45 arrive at school – up the stairs; mark books, talk with HoD about week ahead, sort out stuff for first lesson

8.25 registration of form

8.35 assembly but I chase around to try to find student who did not turn up to registration – discuss how we improve her timekeeping with Boarding mistress

8.50 up the stairs: teach Y9, discuss the class with PGCE student who will be teaching them next week; they have done a test – so now I have that to mark

10.00 down the stairs - ‘free period’ put in order for Traidcraft stuff for school Bazaar stall; sort out paper for mock exams for Y11;

11.10 morning break – have to go to this includes staff briefing

11.30 up the stairs; return to prep room to find chaos as men have come to take down cupboard and build shelves above my workspace – but no warning so I have not cleared space for them to work. Teach U6

12.45 lunch – down the stairs need to get in straightway as I have a lunch time meeting – but join the queue

1.00 up different stairs; meeting for new form tutors (only 9 weeks into term) to learn what the job is about – it is useful

1.40 sit down in staff room for 5 minutes with deputy head to discuss my late girl

1.45 afternoon registration – have words with girl I did not see this morning

1.55 up the stairs teach Y11 – they are a difficult class – mainly because they have not learned to stop talking!

3.05 send them on their way and breath sigh of relief; return to prep room to sort out chaos of stuff; at least shelves provide me with more storage space but it takes me all of my time to sort stuff out – including standing on chair to reach the top shelf!

5.20 down the stairs to sign out; up the stairs to collect bag and then up the hill to car park;

drive home through dark lanes

6.10 arrive home meet mrbeanz and discuss eating arrangements – no family meal on Mondays

6.30 drive back round Derby with runnerbeanz who has circuit training with his squad (I can’t join in) normally I sit on the floor outside the gym in the corridor and do some low level marking, but now some of the other Mums have realised I do this and have come in too so I can’t mark, have to chat inanely

8.45 arrive back home and get something to eat for RB and me

9.30 sit down to do lesson preparation after a brief visit to other blogs and forums

12.15 go to bed

Having written that, I realise that I don’t want anyone to suggest running at lunch time, I need the breathing space in my lab to sort out after morning session and set up afternoon session; or after school (very dark lanes) before I come home.

I think I just need to settle for a run or two at the weekends and with the club on a Wednesday and not keep apologising and making excuses for not running more.


coach said...

Can I think about all that?



b-z said...

no, not lunchtime

But IMMEDIATELY school finishes
and before you go home

b-z said...

Can you drive somewhere after school that doesnt have dark lanes
or even go to the gym on your way home

b-z said...

Ive just had another idea

home treadmill??

Sluggie said...


OK, not lunchtime.

Agree with b-z that immediately after school sounds like an option. Is there anywhere you can run when teanbeanz is doing circuits?

Outsidenow said...

I think your's is the best suggestion by far beanz,

'I think I just need to settle for a run or two at the weekends and with the club on a Wednesday and not keep apologising and making excuses for not running more.'


sue said...

Ditto what OSN said!!

You also need to be a little more selfish, if that's the right word! Can you find somewhere to do your 'low level' marking that is a little less public?

Some of what you describe is early settling in stuff, like the shelves and induction talks. Once that settles you may well be able to do some marking in those spaces. You do need some space to draw breath during the day as well.

Can some of your tasks be delegated - such as TB or RB doing the car scraping etc?

Slow cookers are also a boon for busy people - just bung in the ingredients and it's all ready when you are!

You've actually answered your own conundrum really - just go with the flow until it all settles, and give yourself a hug. While you're at it have one from me ((((((((())))))))

beanz said...

thanks all of you - I really do appreciate it

I thought on the idea of a treadmill as I drove to school this morning - could afford one if we gave up the gym, but I don't want to do that - although I did't use it as much as maybe I could, I do like to know its there for a swim or a tready session.

coach said...

Treadmill. Hmmmmmm. I know where there's one of those that could do with some tlc and regular use.....