Sunday, 26 November 2006

a good plod

It's been a hectic week again - finishing with parent's evening on Friday, school bazaar on Saturday morning with my Fair Trade stall, followed by my stint with the boarders on Saturday afternoon - making Christmas cards

runnerbeanz is trying to stick to his coach's schedule so was due to do 45 minutes 'long run' today

so we got up and went out the door together and then he plodded off into the distance while I did my R4:W2 bit

we both 'turned' at 22 minutes and then he caught me up (and passed me) on the way back - and was back before me of course

the advantage of the out and back route is that we could go out together and each do our own thing (if he does loops it is a little disatisfying as he will not know how far he has gone)

so 3 miles done for me and 4 for him - on a lovely fresh but sunny morning :>)

oh, RB points out that I didn't put his time on the race report - 41:29


sue said...

good on yer Beanzie - 3 miles is not to be sniffed at "a good plod" indeed.

And a son to be proud of to boot!


b-z said...

good for you me dear

womble said...



[picks self up again]

Well done runnerbeanz :o))

And well done mummybeanz too on the run! It's a good way to get it done, running 'together' but not at the same pace. How much longer until the end of term?


Outsidenow said...

Well done both beanz!

Glad you enjoyed it.

beanz said...


womble - 9 working days and counting!