Saturday, 11 November 2006

I ran today!

b-z came to the East Mids Social last night - a good evening at the curry house

she stayed the night and we were up early for a run

it was a good morning for running - cool and bright and we did my standard long run along the river to the gym and back - making it up the grinding hill by a kind of fartlek between lamp posts and passers-by

by the time we got home we hadn't quite done the required 8 miles so we went down into the park and ran until the Garmin beeped for 8 miles, and then we were allowed to make our way back - by which time we had done about 8.8 miles - the furthest I have done since Robin Hood.

There were some good bits in it and it was great to run with b-z - someone to natter to and I definitely walked less than I would have done if I had been on my own

I feel like maybe I will carry on with this running malarkey - and maybe even get up (very) early once a week to run before work


b-z said...

ya blumming SLAVE driver
My left knee is sore and i have been hungry ALL day


Outsidenow said...

Well plodded beanz (& b-z)!!

womble said...

Sounds like you're good for each other! Well done both of you :o)

b-z said...

beanz is cruel womble;))

(pst-she never ate anything before the run either!)