Saturday, 17 June 2006

sizzling struggling Saturday slog

up early again to run - out at 7.15 and it is already hot

the plod down the river is so much better than my old run along the main road - if only because it is mostly on cycle track and traffic free

as last week I ran as far as the gym and picked up a bottle of sports drink, drank some, diluted it and carried it with me for the next 4 miles before dumping it in the recycling bin

total distance plodded 11 miles - but I walked the last mile

too hot and tired and too uphill for anything else

how on Earth anyone manages a marathon on this heat I can't imagine


Evil Pixie said...

11m in this heat is great! Well done! Abingdon will be a breeze if you are doing that distance already!
You haven't taken long to build up to this since FLM ... I'm sure it'f better than FLM last year!
Well done!

b-z said...

Neither do i(about the marathon)

I walked most of mine!
At least Abo should be coooool

Bedders said...

I agree - too hot, to early to run and too far. It has to be easier than this. Still, no hayfever!

Outsidenow said...

Beanz, you're putting us all to shame not only with all the hard work/training you've been doing but you are also keeping your blog up to date!

Keep up the good work.