Saturday, 10 June 2006

even hotter

yesterday I met up with the sports therapist, Anna, who usually inflcits her masssage on me

this time she decided it was time to look at how I run and work out why I get the pain in the side of my back

it was a useful session and she has given me even more exercises to do and suggested I concentrate on not leaning forward so much when I run - I tend ot look at the ground a lot

so today I tried to put that into practice

the forecast was for it to be hot, so I decided I wanted to go out about 7.00 am which meant if I was going to breakfast i woudl need ot get u at 5 for that

so breakfast at 5 and then back to bed for a couple of hours - I kept dreaming about triathlons - I wonder why??

It was pleasant at 5 and I was tempted to go out without breakfast, but I have never tried runnign longer than about an hour without breakfast

so out at 7.15 and down the river path, drink at David Lloryd, on another mile and then home

I took a slightly different route home, to get more shade and ended up doing 9.8 miles - pretty slowly but done.

Highlights of the run?
  • a goldfinch that fluttered from bush to bush along side the path as I plodded
  • a dark irridiescent green dragon fly/damsel fly (?) by the river - I need to look it up
  • seeing the peregrine falcons that nest on the cathedral tower - through a twitcher's telescope!


Evil Pixie said...

So you going to join Bear and I at the Concorde tri in august!! Cool!!

beanz said...


beanz said...


Evil Pixie said...

10-11 wks to train!!
would be a laugh!

BTW have you tried running on empty rather than the very early wake up? Or drinking a sports drink before you go rather than getting up early?
I'd stay in bed if my alarm went off that early!

b-z said...

fantastic running
i agree-you dont need food pre run
sports drink should be fine

Coach said...

I think the 'need to run empty or on food' varies from person to person. What suits some people might not suit others.