Monday, 5 June 2006

not much fun

some days it just has to be done

the plan says 7 miles, but no time to do it all in one go - so time for a double

this morning I went on my tedious out and back undulating route and did not enjoy it - too trafficy, back ached,

and I only managed 3.6 instead of the planned 4 miles

no way I was goin back out there this evenign

and mynicer down to the river route is off road and less secure in the evenings I feel, so off the gym - and maybe setting a precendent that this is what Mum does on a Monday evening

and on to the tready where I managed 5 km before I had had enough - back ached but I think that is my boredom threshold!

so only 6.7 miles done

and it has shown me the result of not doing my core stuff

so there will be more of that tomorrow

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