Thursday, 8 June 2006


Not about running

Many moons ago Mrbeanz and I taught in the same school - my first teaching post, he'd been there a year

Now we have an invitaiton to a retirement do - 4 people retiring who we taught with - ok they had been there a few years when I started, but not many

and now they are retiring and I am planning to go BACK to teaching

am I MAD????


b-z said...

you, m dear, are going back because you WEANT to
best reason of all

and a change is as good as a rest

Evil Pixie said...

Beanz lets look at the facts
you run
you run marathons
through choice

Of course you are mad!!

and as Benz says ... you are doing this because you want to not becasue you have too which will make you a wonderful teacher to have!

C A D said...

Beanz, in addition to what Benzie & Pix say, people who go back to a career when they could be retiring tend to get more job satisfaction because they know they're not doing it because they 'have to'. You're not mad in that sense... the running marathons on the other hand...